Self-locking snap seal Donatello short

Self-locking snap seal Donatello short

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Self-locking snap seal Donatello short

Donatello short snap-lock seal is an eco-friendly, recyclable, and customizable fixed-length plastic snap seal.

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Self-locking snap seal Donatello short

The DONATELLO SHORT security seal is a self-locking snap seal with a fixed length of 191.0 mm.

The seal features a flat strap with a width of 7 mm: once closed, to open the seal, it can only be broken at the pre-marked weakening point, a perfect system to prevent tampering.

The eco-friendly snap seal DONATELLO SHORT is made entirely of recyclable plastic, making it suitable for use in the new E-Commerce sector.

This seal can be customized with ribbon printing, logos, barcodes, and QR codes.

It is sold in packages of 1,000 seals in strips of 10 pieces each.

A shorter version of this eco-friendly snap seal is also available, the DONATELLO LONG, measuring 191.0 mm.

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