Sigillo a filo RFID UHF

Sigillo a filo RFID UHF

“RFID UHF wire seal

Highly durable UHF RFID wire seal with UHF RFID tag. Plastic UHF RFID wire seals can be read from up to 6 meters away.”

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    The Anti-Tampering RFID UHF seal is manufactured from polypropylene, a highly durable plastic.

    On the head of the seal is the antenna with RFID UHF technology, which is a unique and non-cloneable electronic chip. With an RFID reader it can be read from a distance up to about 8 meters; it is also possible to store an alphanumeric code on it and read it back later.

    From the reading it is possible whether the seal is open, closed regularly or broken: it is the anti-tampering system.

    The RFID UHF Anti-Tampering Seal with Anti-Tampering is suitable for sealing boxes, bags and sacks or bags of chemical or food products.

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