Single-use GPS-GSM seal



With the single use GPS-GSM seal you can detects position and time, record the measurements and send this data to a device by SMS in order to create a shipment tracking system.

The single-use GPS-GSM seal is a special seal that combines the safety features of the container closure with the tracking function of the container position.

The single-use GPS-GSM seal comes in a resistant waterproof box that contains a GPS detector for locating the worldly position and a GSM radio for sending data.

The GPS-GSM seal also contains a powerful magnet in order to fix it to the container walls.

Its GSM radio can send SMS or data messages that contain both detected position and time. The sending of this data can be configured at fixed time intervals or on demand remotely. The GSM radio works with a SIM set up for SMS and data traffic use only, preloaded with 100 SMS or 100MB of data.  However, these numbers ​​can be updated remotely along needs.

This way, the single-use GPS-GSM seal allows to set up an automatic container tracking system: for example, by receiving on a computer the coordinates and the precise timing detected and sent by the device, you can view the effective route of the container on an interactive map like Google map.

Moreover, it is possible to demarcate an area and receive alarm messages if the container is traveling outside the delimited area.

The frequency of the position detections with its relative record and the frequency of the data transmission can be set independently along once needs (few minutes, hours or even days). Of course, it will condition the life of the inner battery that feeds it, which may last, depending on the setting of these frequencies, from a few days to a few months.

When the container has reached its destination, you can download the stored data from the device, trace the route of the shipment and its effective timing in order to double check the kilometers traveled and relative consumption.

The device can be deactivated remotely at any time in order to make it unusable.

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