Small full plastic adjustable seals Libra 3

Small full plastic adjustable seals Libra 3

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Small full plastic adjustable seals Libra 3

Completely plastic adjustable security seal. Minimal size, ideal for sampling bottles and tanks.”

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Small full plastic adjustable seals Libra 3

Libra 3 is a small security seal that is part of the range of Libra plastic security seals! This seal, entirely made of plastic, is easy to apply for all situations where an adjustable plastic seal is needed at a reasonable cost; for example, for sealing sampling containers that travel in the driver’s cabin of the vehicle, transporting items such as grain, flour, oil, liquids, and vegetable oils, thus requiring robust and fast sealing.

LIBRA 3 small full plastic adjustable seals in this category are customizable using laser technology, ensuring an unalterable print and the ability to faithfully reproduce logos or designs. In the past, early laser prints were not precise and tended to blur upon contact with plastic, resulting in poor clarity. Now, laser-marked security seals offer fantastic definition, allowing intricate logos to be reproduced in less than two square centimeters!

The small full plastic adjustable seals Libra 3 can also accommodate a barcode, although it is advisable to use relatively short barcodes for easy reading, such as INTERLEAVED 2.5 or 128. Naturally, they come with basic progressive numbering and a small inscription like SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE for added security.

They are produced in strips of 10 pieces and packaged in bags or cartons depending on the quantity required. They are available in various colors, including white, yellow, and green among the main ones.

These seals are also perfect for unusual applications such as suitcase seals. Sometimes, we are forced to leave luggage in storage for a few hours, and it is good to have our unique seals for numbered baggage, ensuring that no one has had access to our belongings.

This small security seal easily passes through all types of holes, allowing you to seal your luggage with peace of mind! Remember that from 1000 pieces, they can also be customized!

LIBRA 3 warranty seals are unique seals for luggage storage, ensuring the security of your suitcase!

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