Tamper evident void security labels

Tamper Evidente Void Security Labels

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Tamper evident void security labels   EIRIE “VOID OPENED” appears when removed from applied surface.

when it is not possible to use a security seals, no holes, small surface a void label is perfect.

VOID labels can be used to improve the security of high or added value items,  if applied directly onto a carton or a product they will act as a visual deterrent against damage or theft and will indicate if any attempt has been made to tamper with the label.

Security void labels can be numbered and customized, various size are available

available in stock is 60x30mm (2,36″x1,18″) already progressively numbered and SEALED written on them

There are three kinds of security labels; total transfer, non-transfer, and partial transfer. Total transfer labels have an extra layer (usually a special coating) between the face material and the adhesive; when the label is removed the coating (which is usually printed with a “VOID” message) and the adhesive remain in place to indicate that the label has been removed. With non-transfer labels, the “VOID” message is usually printed on the back of the face material or an extra layer (again a special coating), which will be revealed when the label is removed.

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