Trailer TIR Cords URSUS 40mt

Trailer Tir Cord URSUS

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Trailer TIR cord URSUS for curtain-side vehicles.

The TIR Cord is a 6mm PVC-coated steel cable with TIR fasteners on each end. The cable is a  thin rope made of several twisted strands of steel, covered with transparent PVC coating.

We stock three standard lengths, but we can supply custom lengths as required or it also comes in a roll of 500 metres

TIR Cable – The definition TIR stands for “Transport International de Marchandises par la Route” and is a Customs Agreement in the whole Europe concerning the international transport of goods. TIR-cable is used on open-top containers and in the tarpaulin industry for trailers.

Our TIR-cable is produced completely according to the directives of the TIR Convention of 1975 and it is fully Made in Italy

Tamper evident protection for curtain side trailers

TIR Cord URSUS cable is stainless steel 4mm covered by clear pvc with  length of  40mt (131.23ft)

Available in stock:  34mt (111.55ft) and 36 metres (118.00ft)

The fasteners parts are suitable for plastic and metallic security seals.

The terminals can be supplied separately on demand.

tir cord is ever in stock for immediately delivery.

packaging 10 pieces in one box for 34 and 36 metres, 8 pieces in one box for 40 metres.

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