Transparent or Brown Adhesive Tape Garda

Transparent or Brown Adhesive Tape Garda

Garda Transparent or Brown Adhesive Tape

Wide and water-resistant transparent or brown adhesive tape. This wide, strong, and waterproof adhesive tape is ideal for packaging and parcels, made in Italy to ensure quality and reliability.

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    Transparent or Brown Adhesive Tape

    The use of adhesive tapes for Garda packaging is endless, the interesting thing is that His boom dates back to the crisis of the 1930s.

    With the Great Depression there was a negative effect on household consumption, which was increasingly devoted to saving money, so they preferred repairing objects to buying new products!

    In its 90-year history, packaging tape has evolved in physical and chemical characteristics to meet the needs of various industries.

    Both from heavy industry and to household use in everyday life.

    The most popular is packaging tape for sealing cardboard boxes, a major player in the world of packaging.

    Initially produced only in brown havana shade, now available in other colors even transparent!

    It is commonly called brown tape, brown tape, scotch tape, packing tape, or simply scotch tape.

    For other colors and packaging customization look at Ontario colored adhesive tapes.

    Our packaging adhesive tapes are made from environmentally friendly PPL and therefore free of harmful solvents.

    The roll tapes are silent unwind with a width of 50 mm and a length of 66 meters with neutral sleeve.


    Stock availability is on havana or transparent tones, white on request.

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