Tyvek identification custom wristbands Huron

Tyvek identification custom wristbands Huron

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Tyvek identification custom wristbands Huron

Single use printable and custom Tyvek wristbands for events. Economic, printed with customizations.

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Tyvek identification custom wristbands Huron

The disposable Tyvek identification bracelets Huron are extremely lightweight to wear but can also be used to identify bags and other items.

Tyvek identification bracelets are customizable, printable, economical, and perfect for any situation.

They are made of a special material, TYVEK, which never alters even when in contact with water. Once the special adhesive it contains is sealed, it becomes an inseparable part of the bracelet, and scissors are required to open it. These bracelets can be numbered and personalized, with a wide range of solid colors or patterns.

These disposable Tyvek identification bracelets are suitable for identifying bags and containers, but they are particularly suitable for people as they are very thin and cause no discomfort when worn.

The length is standard and adjustable, and for added security, they are sequentially numbered.

Tyvek identification custom wristbands can be used for recognition at events such as nightclub evenings or sports events, or to identify guests at a facility such as a hotel, resort, or campground. Customization is not included; for information and personalized quotes, please send an email to info@sigillidisicurezzaonline.it or use our live chat!

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