UHF RFID bolt lock high security seal TINTORETTO

Tintoretto Rfid Bolt Lock Seal


The UHF RFID bolt lock seal TINTORETTO allows to check that only properly closed containers can pass through a control gate.

The UHF RFID bolt lock seal TINTORETTO is the best that the electronic seal market can offer today. For years now, we have been talking about RFID technology applied to the control of maritime containers that cross gates to access docks.

Today, an UHF RFID bolt lock seal and same technology antennas positioned on the gate are enough to get an efficient system that controls the entry of the containers in the harbor terminals.

The antennas, located near the gate, read the seal with which the container is closed and, if the bolt is properly locked, allow the access to the gate.

The UHF RFID seal TINTORETTO is produced with an inner UHF antenna that allows remote readings.

These are its main functional characteristics:

  • If the seal is open, the reading indicates its open state;
  • When it is properly closed, the reading is normally done;
  • If the seal is cut or tampered, the reading indicates its state together with the date and time of the effraction.

With this revolutionary and unique device on the market, it is possible to create a system that allows authorized containers only to transit through the gates and among them only those that have a seal closed in a correct way.

In fact, reading the RFID tag inserted in the bolt lock seal TINTORETTO, the reader device verifies simultaneously if the seal is correctly closed on the container handles, if the container is on the list of the authorized ones and if everything is all right, send the command to open the gate.

If the UHF RFID seal TINTORETTO is used to close several boxes placed inside a larger container or on a pallet for example, the identification of each box and the correct closing of all the seals can be checked by the RFID tag in one single reading.

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