Ultra-Destructible Security Labels Ladoga

Ultra-Destructible Security Labels Ladoga

Ultra-Destructible Security Labels Ladoga

Ultradestructible tamper-evident labels that are designed to be damaged upon any attempt of removal, detecting tampering. A ultra-destructible security label is perfect for delicate goods and provides an additional layer of protection.

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    Ultra-Destructible Security Labels Ladoga

    The ULTRA-DESTRUCTIBLE security labels LADOGA are security labels made of a special material that deteriorates with minimal touch.

    These adhesive security labels are suitable for static surfaces such as computer parts, servers, and all objects that generally remain stationary but need to be protected from unauthorized access or parts replacement.

    Ultra-destructible security labels are so effective that they can also be used, for example, on eyeglass frames for added security.

    They are also anti-counterfeiting labels because they are impossible to remove without leaving a clear mark.

    ULTRA-DESTRUCTIBLE LADOGA labels are available in various sizes, including rectangular, square, and round shapes. They can be numbered, and typically, the text “sealed do not remove” is indicated along with the number.

    Depending on the quantity, customization is possible for additional assurance on the application.

    You can purchase ultra-destructible security labels online in the size of 75x30mm with progressive numbering and the wording SEALED DO NOT REMOVE.

    Contact us for any information or quotes regarding the sizes you are interested in!

    A wide range of colors is available, and you can also order as few as 100 pieces.

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