Ultra thin 1 mm plastic seals with metal insert GIOTTINO

Ultra Thin Plastic Seals With Metal Insert

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This amazing plastic seal is the only one of its kind with a one millimeter diameter!

It can pass through even the smallest holes and is perfectly secure.

Even for sampling bottles it is perfect because they have a very small hole!

The GIOTTINO plastic seal has the characteristic of having a closing mechanism with a metal insert.

Once closed, the blade of the insert wedges into the tail.  Very smooth the more it closes the more it doesn’t go back.

And of course being 1 milliment you can break it with your hands so any tools are necessary.

Being so thin it cannot  be very long.  But it can be used for fire extinguishers, panic door handles, counters and a new use is in e-commerce. As a security seal for shoes, belt loops and  many more.

The GIOTTINO series seals can be printed in any way: with numbering up to 12 digits, with logo or with special prints, on an area of 36x19mm.

Moreover barcode or qcode are easy to insert thanks to the thermal printing system.

The GIOTTINO seal is available in various colors and in only one length: 22,5mm. The diameter is 1mm.

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The range of GIOTTO also offers a larger seal diameter over three and a half millimeters.

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