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The plastic seal CANALETTO LONG security seal is a special thin seal with a good lenght of 40 cm.

But it is part of the range BIO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT because it is produced in recycled plastic!

Once closed, the blade of the rosette insert wedges into the tail of the seal and the more you pull the more it closes.
Like all plastic small seals they are easy to close due to the fact that they are smooth seals so you can close a lot of them per day.

Perfect to seal  e-commerce products, tagging clothes, flower plants, threes, fire exhinguisher and many more applications.
These warranty seals are perfect for all applications that we have a hole less than two and a half millimeters!

Trucks and tarpaulins, drums or bins, clothing or valuables since this seal is perfectly smooth and does not allow to spoil the garment.
But even in case of tampering it is clearly visible.

The security seals CANALETTO LONG range can be printed in any way: with numbering up to 12 digits, with logo or with characters.

All types of barcode are available, including the QCODE.
Perhaps not everyone knows that the QCODE was born in the beautiful land of the Rising Sun … as always from an idea that earned its inventors the Oscar for Technology.
Also called two-dimensional code was practically forced to be born because in the digital era the classic barcode in the end more than 20 digits could not contain …
So the solution of creating a 2D code allowed to insert a lot of numbers or letters in a square centimeter!
The study of qcode has had a gestation of only two years and as a first application in automotive components.
The Qr Code, at its birth, was used exclusively to improve the tracking system of components in the automotive production chain, immediately bringing greater efficiency and quality assurance thanks to the easy reading!
without forgetting that nowadays any cell phone can read it, eliminating the need for a handheld reader.
this seal is also perfect for tanks like ibc tanks

The security seal CANALETTO long is available in many colours and especially in pastel colours with additives that do not damage the environment.
It’s available also a shorter version of 33 cm CANALETTO SHORT plastic thin seals click here



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