VOID Security Sampling Bags Gobi

VOID Security Sampling Bags Gobi

VOID Security Sampling Bags Gobi

Our VOID sample bags are evidence bags designed for tamper-evident sample collection. These single-use bags have an anti-tampering closure: ideal for cereals, seeds, and other sensitive materials. Our VOID security sample bags ensure the integrity and authenticity of collected samples.

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    VOID Security Sampling Bags Gobi

    The VOID Gobi tamper-evident envelopes for cereals are disposable; thanks to the anti-tampering closure, they do not allow access to their contents unless cut or tampered with. Additionally, the closure system is further protected by a strip of VOID security tape, making them TAMPER-EVIDENT SECURITY ENVELOPES.

    These VOID Security Sampling Bags are especially suitable for containing SEEDS, CEREALS, GENERAL SAMPLING, or providing a sample in case of dispute that corresponds to the transported product.

    VOID Security Sampling Bags are made of a special plastic material: coextruded polyethylene for maximum security; naturally, they are TRANSPARENT so that the content can be verified without opening the envelope, which would be considered violated.

    They can be numbered with a control stub or coupon, allowing for a receipt of the delivered envelope; the detachable receipt is also numbered for proof.


    One envelope remains in production, one travels with the carrier, and the other for the customer.

    With this system, tracking is perfect, and each of the involved parties has a sample of the product; you can indicate some writings and space for the recipient.

    All envelopes can be provided with a barcode, have a practical and fast self-adhesive closure, and are available in various sizes. You can request a particular size or, if the most commonly used one is 200×290 mm + 30 mm, including the tab or detachable numbered part.

    The layout of the standard envelope is indicative only; it may vary depending on production, but the technical specifications of the envelope remain the same.

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