VOID Tamper-Evident Security Tape Aral

VOID Tamper-Evident Security Tape Aral

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VOID Tamper-Evident Security Tape Aral

The Aral VOID Tamper-Evident Security Tape is an anti-tampering, tamper proof and anti-intrusion adhesive tape with a printed “security seal” that leaves a trace when removed.

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VOID Tamper-Evident Security Tape Aral

Adhesive security tapes ARAL   provide tamper-proof sealing of product and transport packaging within the logistics chain.

Apparently it seems a normal adhesive tape color red or orange and for more security you can also make your signature on the adhesive band but in case of all tampering attempts leaving visible traces on the tampered surfaces in four languages


iI you try to re-use on the surface the void trace is clearly visible

This tamper evident security tape can be used on boxes, on the pallet, doors, refeer container, computer and in any other kind of application when we cannot risk  an unauthorized opening.

the void tape can be use with a normal dispenser.

The tamperproof  void tape is conceived and manufactured in Italy

In eco-friendly polyester without harmful solvents

High 5cm (1,97″) and lenght of 50 metres (164″)

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