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Zip lock seals are specified for reusable security Arno Bag.

These multi use zip lock security reusable cash bags and tamper evident security pouches are protected by a special security seal which allows the recipient to check that the contents have not been tampered with since the seal was applied by the sender.

Zip lock seals are manufactured in ABS, a very strong plastic.

To open the bag, the recipient simply breaks off the special security seal and releases the zip  type closure. A broken security seal upon receipt of the bag or pouch indicates unauthorised access to the contents during storage or transit.

To re-use the bag, having inserted the items to be sent or stored, the zip is closed and a new security seal is applied.

Our reusable security bags Arno are used in conjunction with ZipLock security seals to make them tamper evident.

For a variety of application for example: financial services industry, supermarkets and department stores, prison services.

Very easy to close. They are produced in strips of 10 pieces

No tools required to remove those security seals.

Zip  lock closures are customized starting from 5.000 pieces. Do  not hesitate to contact us for different quantities.

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