Zipper security envelopes Thar

Zipper security envelopes Thar

Zipper security envelopes Thar

Bags with zipper closure, known as slider zipper security bags, for quickly displaying documents. The transparent bag with a slider keeps the documents secure but visible.

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    Zipper security envelopes Thar

    The THAR document pouch is a simple but highly useful pouch!

    Pack of 10 pieces for €2.50 each.

    The zippered document pouch Thar is a slider pouch designed for carriers who often need to quickly display their vehicle documents: the delivery note, driver’s license, registration booklet, insurance, etc.

    It’s not a true security pouch but rather a protective pouch for documents that can be shown without having to open the pouch! In fact, the surface is smooth and glossy to easily see the contents.

    These document pouch holders serve two functions: they protect but also display the contents.

    Furthermore, they fold easily and, therefore, don’t take up too much space.

    The standard THAR document pouch measures 20×30 cm with the slider on the long side. They are reusable pouches and can be produced in different sizes according to your preference.

    Zipper security envelopes use is, of course, up to you! They can serve various applications.

    For larger quantities, they can also be customized.

    To see other document pouches, but adhesive, we suggest:

    – GREEN TASSILI, ecological packilist
    – BIOPAC NAMIB, adhesive packing list
    – KHALI, adhesive document pouch in various sizes

    For more information on this document pouch, feel free to contact us through our live chat!

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