e-commerce & our life


During the last year and a half the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 quickened and boosted the e-commerce market both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Nowadays any goods, from clothes to foodstuffs, is just a click away and it’s enough to have a computer or a smartphone to make a purchase without the need to go out shopping.

However, as online orders have increased, so have returns. Often free of charge, they are especially offered by clothing online shops when a wrong size is chosen or the client realizes that the dress is not like it was on the webpage when he or she decided to buy it.

Therefore, a question arises: how to protect the safety, for the seller, that the product is returned in  the condition to be put on sale again?

Luckily, security seals come to the rescue of the retailers!

Securing a pair of shoes or a dress with a seal like our pull tite plastic seal Leonardo it is possible for the seller to realize if the garment has been worn when the goods are returned and, if that is the case, to dispute the refund.

As the volume of e-commerce purchases increases, the demand for security seals rises hand in hand, so feel free to contact us to get advise about which security seals might suit your needs. We can even personalize them with the logo of your company!