Everything in stock of Security seals and envelopes!

Security Seals Customer Care

In our online store the always-ready security seals!

As you know by now, we are certified and Made in Italy manufacturers of security seals, sampling envelopes, coin pouches, tapes, security labels and plastic document packing list.

The great attention to planning allows us to always have Security Envelopes and Adhesive Pockets packing list as well as guarantee seals always ready to meet your every need.

But even you as our customer know that it takes a time to produce seals in special colors or printed with your customization, today unfortunately we are always in a hurry.

More and more oriented to have to choose in speed, that’s why we have more than two million security seals always in stock and more than one and a half million security envelopes and adhesive packing list.

But in any case our customer care is there for you with our kindness and patience because in any case the marketing of 2023, sees kindness not as a sign of weakness and condescension, but as a philosophy of life and a form of culture.

This has been adopted by the entire Group, which makes its entire team available to do sooner rather than later, but remember that the time that is needed is best used by all of us!

All you need to do is to choose the item that suits you best: plastic security seals, metal seals, progressive tightening seals (also called adjustable seals), self-locking seals, container seals, transport seals, as well as valuables transport envelopes, Void security tape envelopes, cereal envelopes and many more.

And you can buy them in 3 clicks.

Thanks to our automatic line, we can make customized security seals with your logo, barcode and numbering in just 4 weeks from approval of the draft. Contact us here

And if you have urgency we have a semi-manual line available for express delivery: for only €50.00 more your customized security seals will be ready in 72 hours! For this solution please contact us directly indicating EXPRESS DELIVERY in the subject line.

Check out our youtube channel to find out how to customize your products and see how it is done, it is always interesting to find out how things are done! Contact us for more information