Security Seals In Csi Vegas

I have noticed that over the years there are more and more scenes in movies where security seals appear.

For example, we made our contribution to the GOMORRA series in Italy in terms of seals on containers, because there were so many scenes where you opened a container where there was a bolt lock seal.

Action movies where you would take off cable seals, plastic seals, and as my first memory I just have CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION when Grissom goes to get a dead body and he puts a plastic seal on the bag! as you can see seals are really used for everything and I couldn’t help but notice that even in the first episode of the series CSI:VEGAS appears both plastic seals on the table to be used and SAMPLE SECURITY ENVELOPES also used correctly, so we can consider that the use of security seals ranges in so many areas and remember that our team is always at your disposal to help you in sealing as always.

Happy New Year to all.

Bruna Ferretti