Shipping and packaging

Packages are usually shipped in 5/6 working days after receipt of order or payment and sent by express courier delivery by courier is usually guaranteed in 24/48 hours for north, central Italy and in 48/72 hours for south and islands. For customers who reside in areas considered by the courier as inconvenient, the shipment will be made with Poste Italiane and the same will still be traceable. Freight charges vary according to the total weight of the shipment. We therefore recommend that you group your items in one order. We cannot group two separate orders executed separately, and shipping charges will be applied to each.

Express courier transportation guarantee:

Sigilli online ltd kindly asks its customers to accept the goods from the courier by always putting the words “undamaged parcel is accepted with reservation” if the parcel is undamaged or “undamaged parcel is accepted with reservation” if the parcel is not undamaged on the bill. We ask that you affix this marking even when the package is undamaged and marked with our tape as even a package that is apparently undamaged on the outside may have damage on the inside. We ask all of this so that we can protect you in the event of disservice by the courier company. in the event that this is not done we will not be held responsible for any damage or shortages, as our couriers will only compensate if this wording is affixed at the time of pickup (also notify the people who pick up on your behalf!!!) in the event of damaged merchandise or missing items in the package the customer must promptly send an email from the customer service of our site, no phone notices are accepted. Such e-mail must contain order number first name and last name customer. all no later than 48 hours after ‘delivery. Complaint emails arriving after the deadline will not be considered, couriers are no longer responsible past 48 hours of delivery therefore no shipping damage or lack in the package will be refunded.

SEALS ON LINE SRL pays the utmost attention to your Privacy and confidentiality. Below is some information on shipping methods.

At SEALS ON LINE SRL, REGISTRATION is not required to make a purchase.

Customers’ personal information is kept under the terms specified by the Privacy Act at the provider’s server for providing services to registered users and at the company’s computer system for accounting. They are also communicated to the shipping service (limited to first name, last name and address) for delivery.

Outside of these cases, our customers’ data will never be disclosed to third parties, either individually or collectively.
No email lists of our customers will ever be released by us.
Non verrete mai contattati da noi se non nel corso dell’evasione dell’ordine e per motivi strettamente correlati all’acquisto effettuato.
You will never receive advertising from us, nor purchase reminders, nor product update emails unless specifically requested by signing up for our newsletters.

The sales document contains the fiscally required data, but it is placed inside the package, so no one can know its contents. Shipments are made by transportation services (express courier) that do not require an external packing slip, so the contents remain unknown even by those who deliver the goods to you.

The goods are packed with DHL or ARCO SHIPMENTS envelope in anonymous cardboard and personalized scotch.

Cash on delivery payments:

For cash on delivery payments, we reserve the right to verify/contact you to confirm your order.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide valid telephone numbers and addresses bearing the exact name shown on the door/intercom in order for the courier to make the delivery. The courier company does not handle set time slots, so someone must be present for pickup throughout the day.

Rejected parcels or absent Recipient:

In case of rejection of a shipped package, we will request a refund of Euro 30.00 from the customer, which will be used to cover all costs of shipping, storage, return to sender and communication. Reimbursement fees must be paid within 7 days from the date of request via one of the payment methods we will notify you of.

Non-payment of the expense reimbursement or the non-availability of the debtor user will see us forced to recover the debt through legal means, in which case, the company’s own expenses will be added to the amount due.

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