Two years pandemic moment and SSM

Security Seals In Pandemic Covid Moment

For two years now, we have been facing an unprecedented situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our habits and our daily lives. These changes have been reflected in a predominant way in some key areas of our days: that of LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORT.

This was quite predictable if we consider the great impact that the so called “supply chain”, that is the complex process that connects suppliers and customers and that allows to bring a certain product on the market, has on our lives.
Maybe we don’t think about it, but any good follows the usual procedure: starting from the raw materials, whose shortage in this period determines serious problems and, after their processing, the storage in the warehouse, we pass to the following phases that see the products arrive to the recipient following complex logistic procedures.
With the pandemic, this supply system has seen an exponential increase in the boom in demand. Think, for example, of the logistics behind e-commerce, increased in a few months of 20% compared to the pre-Covid period, and that related to the health sector, in particular with the transport of vaccines and medical supplies.
The group of SECURITYSEALSANDMORE have been working hard in this complex period to try to provide assistance to our customers and to guarantee, through our security seals, anti-tamper envelopes and labels, maximum security.

Let’s not forget that the seal represents the last link in the logistics chain. In fact, a small object like the seal guarantees the integrity of the products during their often long and complex “journey” from supplier to customer.

Bruna Ferretti